• About Us

    Oroxcell was founded in 2004 by three former scientists from SANOFI/AVENTIS PHARMA. Specialised in Efficacy, ADME and toxicity studies for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutrition and chemicals products, Oroxcell is a leading company developing alternative methods to animal use. Once validated, these tests are provided as R&D services to its customers.

  • Our Values

    Oroxcell is commited to providing a high level of service.

    We have the hability to «reinvent» ourselves in each activity/functions, and to continuously improve our offers.

    Our ambition is to provide an added value to your projects while providing you providing you the best out of our skills.


    According to us, excellence doesn’t mean searching for perfection, but providing the best means to be efficient.

    Critical Mind

    We claim the calling into question of hypothesis according to the principles of rebuttable presumption. We keep being wise in our interpretations, unless our scientific approach is checked, and possibly considered as rebuttable.


    Our various experiences comes from the pharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic Industries. Our qualified culture is founded on relevance, details and proof throughout research.

  • Innovation

    Innovation consists in putting every day the highlight on our job.


    Our collaborators, customers, suppliers, partners’ respect, along with our commitments to them is critical. Neither posture nor autosuggestion shall govern our mindset, this is at the heart of our relationships.

    Team Spirit

    The team had a drink afterwork in order to celebrate the success of DPRA MSMS complex mixture testing ! Because success is a always matter of cooperation within the team.

  • Partnership

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    Our innovative projects in Research and Developments will partly be supported
    by Île de France's region.


    It is an asset for our company and our partners to dare developping in vitro alternative assays to animal use.