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    Founded in 2004, by former scientists form Sanofi-Aventis specialised in ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and toxicology), Oroxcell has put a peculiar attention to provide services adapted from early discovery up pre-clinical development. Thus, today, the company offers a wide suite of assays suiting project development phases. On the other hand, the company has continuously invested in developing novel assays on the basis of costumers or partners needs.

    For instance, likewise for Dermatology and Cosmetic industries, Oroxcell has investigated novel 3D Small Intestine Human based models to better explore the role of the intestine in absorption, metabolism and toxicity of drugs but also to bring a new biopharmaceutical tool to predict the incidence of ingredients in finished products upon absorption or, even their bioequivalence to existing formulations. Furthermore, the emergence of such Organotypic 3D Human cell-based models has opened new horizons to better explore efficacy of drugs.

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  • In Vitro ADME


    • Oral Absorption
    • Sub-lingual Absorption
    • Cutaneous Absorption


    • Extra Heptatic Metabolism
    • Heptatic Metabolism
    • Heptatic DDIs/DILIs


    • Tissue/Organ Homogenates
    • Protein Binding
  • In Vitro Toxicity


    • Drug/Drug Interaction

    • Genotoxicity

    • Irritation/Corrosion
    • Sensitisation

  • Partnership based Developments

    Tailor-Made Tests

  • Pharmacology

    Tailor-Made Tests

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