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    In Vitro Absorption, Metabolism & Efficacy

    Nutrition, diet and health are currently hot topics for the food industry. With the current trend for more convenient foods that can be consumed on the go or out of the home, altering the composition of processed foods to enhance the nutritional profile offers the opportunity to improve diets and help reduce the prevalence of diet-related diseases in the population. Moreover, late scientific developments have proven the major role play of a healthy microbiota upon wellness and health.

    To contribute in the demonstration of the impact of innovations brought by the food health industries, Oroxcell provides a series of services using the most advanced in vitro technologies, to evaluate their absorption, metabolism and efficacy.

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  • In Vitro ADME

    In Vitro Absorption

    • Oral Absorption
    • Oral Distribution
    • Sub-lingual Absorption
    • Formulation Testing


    • Intestinal Resorption
    • Inflammation Models

    In Vitro Metabolism



      • Intestinal Damages
      • Food/Drugs Interactions

    • In Vitro Toxicology

      Food/Drug Interaction

      • DDIs



    • Partnership based Developments

      Tailor-Made Tests

    • Pharmacology

      Tailor-Made Tests

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