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    For many years and despite tremendous benefits brought by the Chemical Industry in our day to day life during last century, the Industry suffers from a public distrust and fear from the Public opinion. In 2006, the European Union (EU) promulgated a monumental regulatory initiative for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). There were numerous reasons for the promulgation of REACH, but, by and large, it is an extension of the global desire to produce fewer industrial chemicals, to understand the possible human and ecological hazards of those that are produced, and to ensure that any major threat is anticipated, as well as prevented. That consequence is that every company that makes a product or substance has a duty of care to its customers to ensure that the product is safe for its intended use. This means that many companies must check to make sure that the products that they sell (and their constituent chemicals) do not pose a risk to human health. They need to consider not only whether the product poses a risk to consumers, but also to production workers in their factories, professionals who may be exposed to a product more frequently than a typical consumer, and also whether the product could harm the environment after it has been used.

    In this context, Oroxcell proposes scientifically relevant assays that can categorise a chemical product or a mixture of chemicals for its intended use.

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    Micronucleus OECD

    RHE Micronucleus

    Ames OECD 442C


    3T3 OECD

    RHE Phototoxicity




    RHE IL-18



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